Getting started with Metod

So, you want to start brainstorming? You’ve come to the right place.

Step 1. Find us online and get to know Tod.

Meet Tod. He’s a very special bot who will be guiding you and your fellow brainstormers to your next big idea. Tod’s a one-stop shop of a bot: He’ll explain the rules for each brainstorming session, keep track of your time, organize the voting process, and send you an interactive report at the end of your session. Participants can find Tod on their favorite platform. It’s as easy as clicking one of the links below:

Step 2. Registration

Send a message, any message, to wake Tod up. Next comes a simple registration process. Tod will need your name, an email address, and the language in which you want your session to be held.

You’re all set now!

Step 3. Creating your session and inviting participants

For now, Metod users can only choose between two brainstorming scenarios: One for picking a name and one a creative multi-tool. Select a scenario and then fill out a brief with a summary of the task you and your fellow brainstormers will be tackling during the session. Once that’s done, you’ll receive a session number to share with other participants interested in joining.

Fill out every line in the brief, but don’t overdo it with too many details and constraints. Leave some room for your imagination to breathe.

Below the brief, you’ll have the option to change the length of brainstorming sessions and any breaks between them. Make sure you give yourself enough time. When you’re done with that, press “Invite users and start the session”.

One you’ve created your brief, return to the chat with Tod. He will send you a 4-digit number that other participants will need to join the session. Think of it as their password to enter the game. Make sure not to start the session before all the invitees have joined! They won’t be allowed to join once the session has started.

Step 4. Game time

Study up! Players will be given time to read the brief before the game starts.

Tod will send participants a task as soon as the first round begins. Each round will come with a new task.

Step 5. Voting for ideas and reading your report

When the final round is done, Tod will send along a link to a page with everyone’s ideas, listed anonymously and in random order.

Now it’s time to vote. You can’t upvote your own ideas, obviously. Once all the votes are in, a report on the best ideas will be generated. A link to the report can be shared freely with other participants.

Nothing’s set in stone yet! Add comments to the report along with new ideas, which can be upvoted or downvoted. You’ve almost got your idea.

Congratulations, you’re officially a Metod master. For best results, try creating two sessions in a row—one quick and the other more comprehensive immediately after.

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