A perfect brainstorm.

Metod makes chasing the next big idea easy with game-based brainstorming. Compete against colleagues in brainstorming sessions, get points for ideas, and vote for your favorites at the end. May the best idea win!


How does Metod work?

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Step 1
Step 1. Answer a few questions. Our template keeps your objectives short and to the point.
Step 2
Step 2. Invite your team. It doesn't matter whether your co-creators are in the same room or across the globe.
Step 3
Step 3. Generate ideas. Metod uses A.I. to speed up your thinking and jumpstart your creativity.
Step 4
Step 4. Vote. Choose between the best ideas from your and co-creators.
Step 5
Step 5. Make a decision. An interactive report instantly presents your best options, ready to be researched, developed, and brought to life.

What do
I need to start?

  • A problem to solve
  • 3 or more friends with internet access
  • 30 minutes to spend
Start a new session

Brainstorming with Metod can be more effective than in person?

Ideas are what we do. Our team knows the countless ways an in-person meeting or video conference can go off the rails. So, we decided to redesign the process.

Less distractions

There’s no aimless chatter or bickering here. Metod cuts out the filler and keeps the focus on ideas.

Less boredom

Metod makes brainstorming fun. Get points for your ideas, and extra points if they’re popular.

No interruptions

Everyone works at the same time. No need to wait until someone finishes speaking and no way for you to be interrupted.

Ideas never get lost

Metod’s report safely stores each of your team’s ideas in one easy-to-access place.

Everyone is equal

Anonymous voting and idea submission encourages honest feedback and cuts out office politics. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a manager or an intern.

Play instantly

You don’t need to be a tech whizz to use Metod. Every step comes with easy-to-follow hints and directions.


Sessions last just a few minutes, requiring participants to work efficiently. A do-or-die voting process helps your team quickly select and refine the best ideas.

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Hit a wall?

Get over the hump with help from professional creators who can offer their brainstorming expertise à la carte. Pay for as little or as much help as you need.

Got a knack for creating?

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Hey’ve already tried Metod

Mikhail Brodnikov
SOK, Managing director

Metod helped me get my team back on task. None of us were brainstorming pros, but with Metod you don’t need to be. Take away small talk and you’ll be amazed at how productive you can be. We got to work immediately. Team members were able to brainstorm without any distractions or pressure from the boss.

Evgeniy Ruban
Volonteam, CEO

The last thing we thought of when developing product strategy for our new non-profit was what we’d call it. But first-round investment negotiations, we couldn’t put it off any longer. We needed a name—and fast. With Metod’s help, we finished in an hour,picking a name and domain quickly and saving much-needed space in our startup budget.

Maria Kozhevnikova
Senior Copywriter, Leo Burnett Moscow

Cool! I've never thought this fast or clearly. You don’t even realize you’re working.

About Us

Metod started as an attempt to harness our team’s unbridled creativity. It soon became the go-to multitool for our decision-making and brainstorming. The novel coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of people around the world to work from home, — our team included, — so, we decided to make Metod free for everyone. We hope you find it as useful as we did!

Fedor Getmanov, CEO
Ilia Silaev, COO
Alexandr Popov, CTO
Sofia Chirta, CDO